Charlotte Square’s Green Commitment

Charlotte Square Apartments undertook a Certified Level Certification in LEED® for Homes with the help of our LEED for Homes provider, Sustainable Comfort, Inc. Some of the major elements we used to achieve LEED Gold certification are:

  • Maximized opportunities for integrated, cost-effective adoption of green design and construction strategies.
  • Avoided development on environmentally sensitive sites.
  • Made use of compact development patterns to conserve land and promote community livability, transportation efficiency and walkability.
  • Minimized indoor demand for water through water-efficient fixtures and fittings.
  • Reduced energy costs for the building by providing energy-efficient design and operation.
  • Selected an air-conditioning refrigerant to ensure performance and minimize contributions to ozone depletion and global warming.
  • Increased demand for environmentally preferred products and/or building components that are extracted, processed and manufactured within the region.
  • Promoted a healthy indoor air quality by providing safer materials and proper ventilation.
  • Maintained the performance of the home by educating the occupants about the operations and maintenance of the home’s LEED features and equipment.

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